Arena The Next Level

Orange Beach Attractions


Arena - The Next Level

Located at The Wharf Marina & Resort
4720 Main Street, Suite 201

Orange Beach, AL 36561

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Laser Tag at The Wharf Orange Beach Alabama



Great entertainment for all ages, and perfect for birthday parties, civic outings, and family vacations.

You will take home memories of a lifetime. Fun times at Alabama's Gulf Coast are always to be had when you bring your group to Arena The Next Level. Laser Tag is all the rage these days and your experience with us will be unforgettable! Contact us for more information on how we can make your vacation or leisure outing the very best ever!


On the Upper Level, at The Wharf
Orange Beach Alabama -
right across from the Ferris Wheel


Fun and excitement for the whole family!

Laser Tag - Fun Family Attraction in Orange Beach AL

Suit up with your Laser Tag vest and get ready for some exciting fun!





This is not your parent's laser tag!

No more bulky vests and laser guns with annoying cords.

The Plazma Force Laser Gun has an ultra cool sci-fi movie look with no cords to get in the way of the action. Complete with sound and lighting effects the Plazma Force Gun is easy to operate, comfortable to hold and way more fun to use!

Combine that with the Plazma Force Laser Vest with 16 lighted targets and a built in sensor that activates when scoring allowing the player to feel every hit and you get a whole new level of laser tag fun and excitement!

Multiple game scenarios and player options are available through clear and obvious controls.

No need to learn complex computer setups.

Choose your game style! Team, solo or continuous play in the 4000 square foot arena.






  • Up to 6 sound effects.
  • Change the color of L.E.D. on the side of the gun with operator remote.
  • Watch the Plasma Energy Plate on top of the gun "recharge" every time you fire your gun.
  • Built in recoil action in our laser gun allows you to "feel the energy" every time your fire.
  • Sleek Sci-Fi movie design with carbon fibre printing.
  • Rechargeable - Up to 14 hours of continuous play.
  • Built in display on the gun features shots fired in real time. Game timer and more.
  • No cord connected to the Plasma Force Vest.



  • Molded plastic. Comfortable and durable.
  • One size fits all with adjustable straps.
  • 8 targets - 4 front and 4 in the back.
  • Each target has hit sensors and vibrators built in so you will know where you got "hit".
  • Vests can be programmed with four different team colors.
  • Plasma plate on the front and the back of the vest shows electricity field and lights up with hit.
    Real time scoring to scoreboard.
  • Optional computer scoring with printout available.
  • No down time on the vest. Unlike old style laser vests, the Plazma Force Vest does not shut down when a sensor is hit, making for non stop game play!

More Fun - More Action
at Orange Beach Alabama's Newest Attraction!